Finally, workspace that flexes with your workforce.

WorkspaceOS Technology

After signing more leases than we care to count over the course of 25 years, for 15 different companies ranging in size from 5 to 1,000, we asked ourselves:

Is there a better way for businesses to buy workspace?

We couldn’t find one, so we decided to start a new company that thinks differently about real estate, and Swivel was born.

Managed workspace is a radically simple concept: Businesses should be able to purchase workspace dynamically – as often as every month – to match where, when, and how their teams work.

With Swivel, you no longer need to predict your business’ needs, sign a long-term lease, purchase expensive furniture and set it up only to see it not work and go under-utilized. 


This is how the on-demand economy works. It has transformed everything – from how we drive, to where we stay when we travel. Now, it is transforming where and how we work.

When we started Swivel we decided to ‘walk the walk’ by not signing a lease or contracting for time in a coworking ‘fishbowl’, but instead we borrowed space from friends and advisors. Our workspace requirements changed every month as our team grew, but we always needed great space to work together and convenience and clarity about where everyone was going to be each week.

Our experience with flex working led to the two cornerstones of our WorkspaceOS technology.

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Cornerstones of WorkspaceOS technology

Dynamic Provisioning

Managers can specify the elements of their team’s workspace – desks, lounges, and rooms. The space is physically configured in 48 hours or less.

Workspace Sharing

Team members are invited to access the space, and can reserve a seat at the workspace based on their individual schedules via the mobile app.

Dynamic provisioning at the touch of a button

Most companies consistently use less than half the space they allocate for their team. Swivel’s technology platform enables your team to reserve and use the space when and where they need it – increasing utilization and reducing expenses.

We wrote the software that allows for the dynamic provisioning and sharing of any workspace, whether it is a Swivel Studio that we operate in partnership with landlords, or a company’s own dedicated space. And then we connected it to the other pieces of the puzzle, including facilities operations, furniture logistics and calendaring systems so that we can coordinate everything in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Swivel’s WorkspaceOS technology gives real estate landlords and brokers, and even private companies, a totally new real estate product to complement the traditional long term lease. Now any space can be contracted and managed as a short term flex space to match the changing needs of occupiers in every city in the U.S. This enables a ‘hybrid real estate’ strategy, where occupiers combine leases and monthly subscriptions to create the perfect combination of stability and flexibility for their unique business.

The future of work

Managed workspace aligns with the larger trend from a service provider model towards a service-driven model. It’s an example of how software can help evolve the $150 billion commercial real estate industry to better suit the needs of the 21st century workforce.

Just like with our cars, businesses will finally have the option to stop over-buying and overpaying for real estate they don’t need, because their real estate will be driven by their workforce and their business and not the other way around.

And we think that’s a change that’s been too long in coming.

Launching in Austin, TX in February, 2018