Do your clients need
flexible office space?

Become a Swivel tenant broker partner, let our platform do the work, and get paid on the lease transaction.

Cash in on the flexible office space economy

Flexible lease terms for your client
Flexible office space is now a modern amenity and in high demand. As a member of Swivel, your clients can move into office space with flexible lease terms and without costly security deposits. Swivel pre-negotiates the terms and guarantees the option period for your client so that they can have the option to move into another space within the network when their office needs change.
Faster and easier lease transactions
We have pre-negotiated options and agreements with our landlord partners that help streamline the entire proposal and leasing process. Our platform not only enables a quick turnaround for your lease transactions but it also gives you the visibility into tracking your clients’ current membership and leasing status.
Commissions with less hassle
Tenant brokers are important partners of the Swivel Network and ensure that tenants are getting the best possible commercial real estate experience. Become a Swivel tenant broker partner, let our platform do the work, and get paid on all your client’s lease transactions that take place in-network.

How the program works

  • 1
    Sign Up
    Sign up to become a broker partner and bring your clients who are looking for flexible workspace to Swivel.
  • 2
    Client Qualification
    Register your client to be approved for membership and help them find their next space.
  • 3
    Collect Commissions
    Since our spaces have pre-negotiated lease terms, lease transactions can be closed quickly. Upon a successful closing of a lease, you follow through with your current protocol and get paid your full commission.