New Solutions for your Growing Clients

Finally, an option for clients that have outgrown coworking
but still want speed and convenience

The convenience of a turnkey workspace in a traditional lease

Coworking has introduced growing companies to the benefits of fully managed workspaces. But when they graduate out of coworking and look for a place of their own, they’re forced to do it all themselves. From hiring architects and designers to choosing furniture, food & beverage, and tech, the average new tenant is swamped with choices and meetings. They want to move in and just get to work.

Swivel is the ‘easy’ button for growing companies. We work with leading landlords to curate ready-to-go spaces and make them available in a ‘fast-track’ manner for your clients. This takes out all of the hassle and most of the time in moving into a space. When you show clients Swivel-ready options, you still help them negotiate the best lease, but you accelerate their move-in and satisfaction.


Experience and customize the space with a click

The inability to visualize and price out the total cost of a finished workspace is the hardest part of the search process. You help them with the leasing costs, but until Swivel, companies had to engage in test fits, construction estimates, furniture quotes and their own imagination.

Swivel’s curated spaces are ‘pre-modeled’ in our proprietary software, allowing clients to generate a SwivelFit: an interactive 3D visualization of exactly how they want their space to look and function.

SwivelFit is more than just powerful workspace design software, it is also a sourcing platform with pre-negotiated prices from leading vendors that have agreed to provide everything your client needs for one simple monthly payment. So your clients gets an awesome, turnkey workspace in a month or less, all without any cash up front.

We help you close deals faster and delight clients

Tenant Advisors work with Swivel to offer their clients the best of both worlds. Using your expertise and negotiating skills, they get a private office, leased on terms that suit their business. By showing them Swivel-Ready spaces, you also offer them the convenience of fully outfitted workspaces with simple monthly payments.

When you recommend Swivel-Ready spaces, we become your partner and advisor for everything except the lease. You keep the relationship, but we streamline the process, allowing you to shorten the process and help more clients.

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