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Swivel is the new way smart companies monetize their excess space. Skip the cost and hassle of subleasing, make more money fast, and stay agile by registering with the Swivel Network.
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Pre-vetted tech company tenants
Swivel has a network of fast-growing, financially-sound tech companies already looking for space.
Modern online space showcasing
Swivel technology lets tenants see the full stylistic potential of your space and configure how their teams can fit.
Generate rent right away
For qualifying spaces, we'll even make an offer on-the-spot and assume the responsibility.

How it works...

You apply here now (it only takes 5 minutes)
Tell us the basics on your space - including neighborhood, size, date availability and ideal monthly rate you're hoping to make.
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We'll evaluate your application, as well as ensure your space meets the 7-point quality checklist required to be eligible for Swivel. 
We'll showcase your space (in-style!) on Swivel
We’ll maximize your “curb appeal” using our 3D rendering technology - including templates created by leading workspace designers that lets potential tenants try-on which design and layout options suit their needs and tastes. Once they choose, we take care of installing it (i.e. no extra work for you!).
Start meeting potential new tenants
Once your listing's live, you'll be seen by potential tenants in our curated network of quality, high-reputation tech companies that are looking for workspace. And, be on your way to sub-leasing your space faster than you would going it alone!

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