Manage your business, not your office with a SwivelSpace of your own

With their own SwivelSpace managed workspace, small- and medium-sized companies can now enjoy the convenience of fully managed, turnkey workspaces at the same cost of a do-it-yourself lease.

What's included with a SwivelSpace?

One-month Move-In 

  • Work with Agent to Choose your perfect location
  • Design your SwivelSpace with our proprietary software
  • Execute Swivel Managed Lease for 1-3 years

No Hassle Operations

  • Swivel Furniture-as-a-Service
  • Reconfigure space in one day as your team changes
  • Activity-based workspace assignments
  • Concierge employee services

Want a space designed for a 21st century work -from-anywhere workforce? Setup a Work-from-Anywhere program to make employees happier and optimize your workspace.

How does Work-from-Anywhere work?

A Program for Everyone... 

  • Each team gets a program that suits its unique workstyle 
  • Work remote often, occasionally or never

...and Workspace to Match 

  • Assign Teams to Neighborhoods with SwivelTIme software 
  • Every employee gets the workspace they need each day 

Want room to grow but don't want to pay for space you don't use? Choose to open extra space to host visiting companies and see your office space costs fall.

What if I host other companies in my SwivelSpace?

Host Visiting Companies 

  • Visiting companies apply to use your excess space
  • You approve visitors that fit your 'vibe'
  • Your monthly fees drop

Dedicated Swivel Neighborhood

  • Set up separate visitor neighborhood with SwivelTime software
  • Swivel controls and monitors access
  • Change the size of visitor neighborhood monthly as your own team grows

How does the cost compare to doing it all yourself?

First, tell us about your situation.

Term of Lease
Employees at Start
Employees at End
%26 per yr
Growth Space
% of initial square footage

Now, tell us about how your team works.

0% 100%
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Adjust Variables
Pervent Who 
Work Remotely
Avg. Remote Days 
Per Week
Term of Lease
%26 per yr
Growth Space
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Learn how to Optimize your Footprint with a Work-from-Anywhere Program
Learn how to Pay Only for What you Use, Share your Unused Space

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