March 1, 2021

Using Technology and Partnerships to Enrich the Office Leasing Experience

Most tenants and landlords agree that, post-COVID, the total end-to-end experience of leasing and using an office will adapt and change to accommodate new modes of work. The most progressive landlords are committed to using technology and innovation to make sure their properties remain the workplace of choice for the country’s leading companies. While it has not traditionally been a heavy user of B2B software, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry is fast adopting technologies employed in other industries to gain a market advantage. 

As it exists today, the Office CRE industry has a large and cumbersome set of unique, interrelated tasks and stakeholders, often leaving tenants befuddled and landlords wasting thousands of excess leasing costs and vacancy expenses. Here is a partial list of what’s involved in the leasing and management of a typical office building:

  • Property Marketing Teams create compelling content and run promotions and campaigns to attract new tenant interest to lease available space.
  • Leasing Agents, the sales team for a building, orchestrate a complex 6+ month sales funnel that involves myriad documents such as test fits, construction cost estimates and leasing proposals.
  • Architects and Designers sell their services to both landlords and tenants to tailor the leased space to the tenant’s needs.
  • Property Managers work with a tenant’s administration staff to maximize the utility and value they get from the property and its amenities.

  • Furniture Vendors submit space plans and proposals to accommodate the company’s unique work culture. 

One of the advantages of B2B software platforms, however, is their ability to integrate many different yet interrelated users, or stakeholders, and the off-line tasks they perform into a more streamlined and automated online workflow. 

When landlords embrace B2B SaaS technology, they take a huge step towards transforming a confusing blizzard of offline business conversations and their associated documents and data into a more manageable, streamlined experience. This can dramatically reduce time and expenses for all parties involved and significantly enhance the tenant experience, often determining the difference between winners and losers in the always-competitive office market.

Swivel’s digital office leasing platform automates many of the steps traditionally done by humans— specifically coordinating and hosting space tours, commissioning ‘test fit’ designs to see how well a proposed space accommodates prospective tenants, and tenants managing the day-to-day use of office space once it’s leased. When landlords and leasing teams use Swivel’s platform to automate things that are done manually by various stakeholders today, it frees those stakeholders up to spend their time on tasks that add more value to the business and the property. 

The Swivel SaaS platform automates many of the repetitive, confusing and mundane things professionals spend so much time on in traditional leasing, which in turn frees them up to focus their time driving results for tenants and owners. 

That’s where the Swivel Preferred Partners Program comes in. 

Swivel is committed to forming partnerships with companies that are part of the overall CRE office leasing ecosystem—specifically the people, processes and tools involved in leasing offices. 

We started Swivel because we thought intelligent digital twin technology would become a foundational element of a wider industry platform that would help transform commercial office leasing. While we believe what we’ve built is an essential part, we also know the value of platforms is in connecting pieces of a larger puzzle to help form a complete picture. 

In our case, this picture is of landlords that offer a different and better 360-degree view of an office to a modern workforce. Our partner’s program is a way to make those connections in advance so we can work together with other companies and people that are part of this same picture. 

We kicked off our Preferred Partners Program last week with the activation of our agency leasing broker channel. The Broker Partner Program is designed to help agency leasing brokers differentiate themselves and their client’s assets by offering best in class technology. Swivel’s digital leasing platform, which broker partners can offer to their clients at a discounted rate, transforms the leasing process to better drive tenant interest and get leases signed faster and at less cost. By bringing this unique solution to the table, brokers can enhance asset value for their clients and strengthen their transactional expertise. You can read more about the launch in our press release.

We’ll be announcing additional details of our Preferred Partners Program in the other two areas outlined above throughout 2021, as well as specific partnerships with leading companies. If you’re in any of these areas and would like to explore one of our programs, reach out to us at and let us know. 

We look forward to joining together on this exciting journey to help transform how we all work.

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