September 1, 2020

Swivel Releases Workspace Management Application to Help Teams Return To and Use Their Office Space Safely

AUSTIN, Texas – September 1, 2020Swivel, Inc., a digital office platform, today announced the availability of a new workspace management application, AgileOffice, to enable employers to streamline office safety and communications in the post Covid-19 age. AgileOffice enables occupiers to set and communicate safety policies, manage workspace access, and notify the team of health events or office closures. Unlike other workspace management applications, AgileOffice links the occupier to the property manager and other property tenants for broader context of building health and safety. The occupier can also engage and share best practices with a broader community of tenants and property managers all navigating their return to office.

“Our team was ready to get back to the office, but we knew we needed to have a plan to do that safely and thoughtfully,” said Chief Administrative Officer Patricia Ericson, of Floodgate. “With AgileOffice, I feel equipped to bring our employees back in confidently. I set and enforce policies and see clearly who and how the office is being used each day.”

The product comes as a direct response from teams that are finding remote work to be less than ideal for shared tasks or brainstorming across team members. As a result, many teams are looking to transform how they use their office space to support a hybrid working model where independent tasks are done remotely, but also can be used as a touchdown space for teams that need to work together on a more collaborative effort. 

AgileOffice helps office occupiers to transform how they use their space and get the most out of their office investment with:

  • Policy settings and best practices to define and implement office space safety policies that can be shared with employees.
  • A spatially-aware workspace scheduler that leverages a 3D model of the office space to enforce social distancing and manage who is checking in each day of the week.
  • Health policy enforcement to manage workspace access and contract tracing to be able to notify team members immediately when high-risk situations have occurred or the office needs to close for a period of time.

Swivel’s digital office platform leverages virtual models to help property owners and their teams transform how tenants evaluate, lease, and use office space. The platform is currently comprised of:

  • AgileView - an office leasing application that helps leasing teams showcase available space and get leases signed faster and for less cost.
  • AgileOffice - a workspace management application that helps tenants use their office space safely and get the most out of their office investment.

AgileOffice is now available nationwide at introductory pricing. Companies can learn more and get started directly at Find Swivel on LinkedIn and Twitter: @SwivelWork, and follow Swivel’s blog to stay on top of company developments, news, events and happenings.


About Swivel

We believe the future of office space is digital, flexible, and supports a hybrid of remote and in-office teams. The entire office experience needs to be transformed, and we are on a mission to help property owners and their teams do just that. With our digital office platform, Swivel enables property owners to help tenants evaluate, lease, and use office space. To learn more, visit

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