February 22, 2021

Swivel Launches Nationwide Partner Program To Accelerate Office Leasing Velocity for CRE Brokers

AUSTIN, Texas – February 22, 2021Swivel, Inc., a digital leasing platform for office space, today announced the nationwide availability of its CRE broker partner program. The new program is designed to help partners transform their leasing processes to better drive tenant interest and get leases signed faster and at less cost. Armed with a comprehensive offering of digital tools to market and conceptualize office space, partners are able to differentiate client properties by giving tenants the ability to visualize and design office configurations prior to build out. 

“COVID has accelerated the evolution of tenants’ expectations for their offices, and so we’re equipping property owners and their leasing teams with new tools to meet their rapidly changing demands,” stated Swivel CEO, Scott Harmon. “Property owners have always leaned on their leasing and marketing partners to help them maintain leasing velocity and differentiate their assets in their local markets and the pressure is on more than ever. Our new partner program is designed to help agency leasing partners to deliver the best leasing experience for their clients.” 

With unlimited access to Swivel’s platform at a competitive discounted price, broker partners have the power to brand and create immersive in-suite virtual walkthroughs, design configurations, and finish-outs to deliver a superior tenant experience. 

"We strive to be an integrator of the best-in-class technologies in the marketplace today. Our clients rely on us to enhance the value of their assets and Swivel is a unique solution that does just that,” said JLL Managing Director, Steven Hurwitz. “Whether showcasing an existing space or a conceptual plan, Swivel has enabled us to tremendously increase the exposure of our assets and their features. By leveraging Swivel, we’ve strengthened our transactional expertise, won new business, and expanded our client’s imaginations."

In addition to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), current partners include regional teams of Lincoln Property Company and Colliers International. More information can be found on the Swivel Partner page

Find Swivel on LinkedIn and Twitter @SwivelWork, and follow Swivel’s blog to stay on top of company developments, news, events and happenings. 

About Swivel

Founded 2019 and backed by Breyer Capital, JLL Spark and Floodgate, Swivel is a digital leasing platform for office space that empowers property owners and their teams to flexibly market, design and lease tailored workspaces to deliver a superior office experience. Swivel provides property owners with sophisticated applications that work together to get leases signed faster at less cost. Swivel is a trusted digital leasing platform for more than 70 properties and portfolios operating across major markets nationwide including Brandywine, Cousins, and JLL. To learn more, visit

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