September 17, 2019

A Modern Look at Office Space in the Gig-economy

Today nearly one in three Americans are independent workers, and by 2020, experts report that 7.8% of the workforce will be made of freelancers or contractors. 

These workers make up what is called the gig-economy – a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.

Fast-growing businesses in this new gig-economy are juggling the work environment needs of two different workers – full-time employees and independent contractors. And that’s why many executives are making the move to a new type of work environment called agile HQ workspaces. 

At its core, an agile HQ workspace is a company’s brick-and-mortar location with cowork-like design features and convenience, but without the financial commitment to a traditional five-year lease. These modern workspaces provide the same perks, like open-lounge areas, modern shared workspaces, and other areas employees feel most productive. Plus, agile HQ workspaces give business executive short-lease term options so their companies can level up to a new space as their team needs change. 

“That was the most attractive thing for us, that idea that hey we're 12 to 15 people and, looking out 12 months, we could be 20 people or we could be 60 people,” Chris Peifer, CEO of hOp said. “Certainly, that makes signing something for five years pretty challenging, but the idea that you could potentially modify as you go, that you can decide to opt in to have things furnished for you or arranged for you, lets you focus on your core, which is where you need to be and what your investors want you to be doing.”

Is a short-term, turnkey HQ workspace right for your business? Let’s breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional lease, a coworking environment, and a Swivel Space.

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