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Give tenants the office space they want

Our members are looking for the flexibility of coworking with the privacy and ownership of traditional leasing. Feature your available spaces with Swivel's leasing platform and promote them as flexible and easy to lease.
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Why market with Swivel?

Access to qualified tenant demand
Swivel enables you and your leasing teams to offer agile leasing terms for your available spec suites to Swivel members that have been pre-qualified. By servicing the demand for agile lease terms, you can engage tenants to fill your spec suites today and grow them into other portfolio assets in the future.
Lower lease transaction costs
With Swivel’s smart membership agreements, pre-negotiated rental rates and TI costs, credit scoring for tenants, and digital transaction platform, you minimize excessive legal and financial administration time and cost.
Faster occupancy and higher returns 
For every property, Swivel collects agility premiums that offer you a backstop for vacancy costs when members exercise their option to move out early. Swivel then promotes the availability of that space right back to its member network.

How do shorter-term, premium rates impact your bottom line?

Use our Agile Lease Analysis Tool to model your property and see the impact on NOI and property values by promoting a portion of your available spaces as flexible.

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What spaces work with Swivel?

Move-in ready
Our members are looking for immediate occupancy so spec suites or built-out spaces that require no construction or minimal tenant improvements are a fit.
Agile terms
Swivel acts as a 3rd party guarantor for our members so that you can market spaces with no up front costs, agile lease terms, and a streamlined contracting process. Agile terms include a minimum lease commitment period with an extended option period where the tenant can choose to move out early and Swivel covers the penalty.
Smaller footprint with open layout
Our members are teams of 10-200 employees so spaces between 1,000 - 25,000 square feet with an open concept, good mix of conference rooms, and kitchenette are desired.
Photo of Patrick Woodson
“Because Swivel vets the tenants it works out well for us. Swivel tends to bring real quality tenants, and we can think less about the risk involved and more about setting those people in a space.”
Marc Knight, Landlord
President of Knight Construction

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