Get in on the agile economy

Join with Swivel to offer a radically new type of agile
workspace, blending the flexibility of coworking with the choice of traditional leasing.
Partner with Swivel

Why partner with Swivel?

Pipeline of high-growth tenants
Swivel’s high-velocity digital marketing and network will supply you with a plethora of fast-growing, financially sound tenant candidates.
Modern online space showcasing
Swivel technology lets tenants visualize the full stylistic potential of your space, book tours, and request proposals online.
Faster Leasing. Higher Rents.
With Swivel’s Leasing Portal, you get co-branded proposal tools, online RFP response capability, tenant pre-qualification, and the ability to close deals in as little as 24 hours.

What spaces work with Swivel?

Ready to go
Spec-suites or second-generation spaces that require no construction or tenant improvements. Our clients are looking for immediate occupancy.
Shorter Terms
Spaces available on 1-3 year terms are ideal. 3-year leases with options to terminate early (for a premium) are ideal.
Smaller footprint with open layout
Spaces that are 10,000 square feet and below with a good mix of conference room and open workspace are the best fit.

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