Swivel For Marketers

Supercharge Your Property Marketing Efforts

Marketers are always in search of strategies and content to attract tenant brokers and their tenants to educate them about their properties. Digital office capabilities offer a richer set of tools to supercharge and track the results of their marketing efforts.

Brand properties as safe and flexible

These days, prospects are more concerned with building safety and flexibility than anything. Swivel’s platform enables you to:
  • Promote your office spaces as tech-enabled with software to manage safety policies and workspace access.
  • Feature your spaces as plug-and-play with various furnishing packages, including ones optimized for social distancing.
  • Feature an online property community as a building amenity.

Enrich property listings and outreach communications

Virtual media assets can make your listings and broker or direct-to-tenant communications standout. Swivel’s platform enables you to:
  • Embed the virtual tour experiences directly into all of your broker information materials including .pdfs, web properties, and broker email communications.
  • Enhance your online listings with video walk through files, 3D floor plans, and photo-realistic images of the space in a variety of layout options.
  • Promote your virtual tour capabilities directly to targeted tenants through paid and organic social media outreach.

Analyze performance

Real-time feedback can help you fine tune your marketing strategy for the space and change the go-to-market tactics to get the results you are looking for.  Swivel’s platform enables you to:
  • See the visitor traffic to your spaces and which ones scheduled a broker-assisted virtual or an in-person tour.
  • See the aggregate and individual feedback on features of the space itself.
  • Correlate marketing efforts to traffic volume.