Swivel For Leasing Brokers

Get Leases Signed Faster

Brokers need processes that help them get leases signed faster and for less cost. Leasing teams are finding that virtual tours and other digital office capabilities can increase the odds of a qualified physical tour and accelerate the closing process.

Spend more time with the right prospects

When buyers evaluate spaces online, you can track and respond to their digital body language. Swivel’s platform allows you to:
  • See how many people are visiting the tours, respond to questions they ask online, and see the feedback they provide you on the space.
  • Engage prospects earlier in their decision-making process to help them better navigate your available inventory.
  • Better qualify interest in the space based on behavior and avoid wasting time on the visitors that aren’t interested in touring the space in person.

Enhance the in-person experience

Virtual reality isn’t just for online tours, it can help your prospects visualize how they will occupy and use the space while they are physically standing in the space even though it may exist in a different condition. Swivel’s platform allows you to:
  • Showcase various floor plan layouts and finish-out choices to help the prospect understand what the changes might feel like before construction begins.
  • Toggle through different furniture layouts to help the prospect visualize various options, including ones optimized for social distancing.
  • Point out opportunities to personalize and brand the space.
Unfurnished Furnished

Differentiate yourself to win new business

Owners are looking for brokerage teams that can help their assets stand out and attract qualified tenants. Swivel’s platform allows you to:
  • Help owners understand the full potential of how their space could be presented and brought to market.
  • Differentiate the sales and marketing capabilities your brokerage brings to the table.
  • Feature an online property community as a building amenity.