Swivel For Executive Ownership

Optimize Tenant Lifetime Value

Office property owners and asset managers have traditionally focused on asset performance in terms of cash flows and operating and capital costs. In the post COVID-19 age, owners are increasingly focusing their focus on customer experience and wellbeing in order to retain customers and attract new ones.

Differentiate on workplace experience and wellness

As lease terms and barriers to move a company continue to decrease, the best owners will increase their level of service at every point in the tenant lifecycle. With Swivel:
  • Your prospects can evaluate available space and its amenities easily with dynamic virtual touring capabilities.
  • You can offer any space as plug-and-play with furniture packages including ones optimized for social distancing.
  • Your tenants can safely use their office space with free workspace management tools.

Increase lifetime value of existing customers

Go beyond retention to helping clients navigate your entire portfolio over time as their business grows.
  • You to understand how your customers are using their space with data and insights.
  • Your tenants can evaluate your other potential spaces as their needs change easily with virtual touring.
  • You transform into a trusted real estate partner for your tenants by helping them to navigate your offerings at each step of their customer lifecycle.

Control leasing costs

Customer experience doesn’t have to come with out of control costs. With Swivel:
  • Your prospects save time by experiencing the space in its optimal condition before any construction begins.
  • You save the time executing lease transactions with real-time digital interactions with qualified buyers.
  • You make tenant improvement negotiation hassle-free with predefined finish out options and transparent pricing.