Tour spaces online

Prospective tenants can tour every inch of the space at the click of a button. They can see key highlights and features throughout the space in a video walk-through. They can also toggle between different layout and finish options to see how they look in real time.
Unfurnished Furnished

Interact with prospective tenants

Prospective tenants can ask questions about the space, provide feedback, and schedule either a virtual meeting or physical tour with the leasing team.

Visualize Optionality

Feature layout options or larger scale upgrades where costs can be baked into lease pricing. Promote as plug and play and prospective tenants can toggle through different furniture and decor configuration options—including ones that support social distancing guidelines.

See prospective tenant behavior

See overview of traffic to virtual spaces and trends in prospective tenant activity and feedback.

Visualize the space as it could be

3D Camera
Full Visual Control
Vacant 2nd Gen Space
Shows wear and tear on a dated finish out or layout
Shows fresh finish out with branding opportunities and layout options
Occupied 2nd Gen
Shows clutter and other company’s branding
Shows fresh finish out with branding opportunities and layout options
Built-Out Spec Suite
Shows empty space without furniture
Shows matched finishes with furniture and layout options
Planned Spec Suite
Shows vacant shell condition
Shows finished space before any money has been spent
New Development
Unable to be toured or photographed
Shows fully built-out space as envisioned by architect

Recent AgileView examples

Win New Business
1399 New York
Washington, D.C.

JLL utilized AgileView to win a new leasing assignment at 1399 New York. The space was in shell condition, and Swivel modeled a full build out to show the owner, Exan Capital, how prospective tenants could visualize the finished space.

Tour Space
Market New Construction
6649 Westwood Blvd
Orlando, FL

Lincoln Property Company and their owner Innovatus are utilizing AgileView to pre-market Westwood, a 125k sf asset under construction. The Swivel team transformed the provided testfits into a virtualized office space to show what the project will look like upon completion.

Tour Space
Market Spec Suites
8260 Greensboro Drive
Tysons, VA

Swivel works with owners like Brandywine across markets to virtualize existing and planned spec suites. Using AgileView, Brandywine is able to deliver tenants a photorealistic virtual experience of how the spec suite will be upon completion, including furniture layouts.

Tour Space
Update Second Generation Space
Cherry Creek Plaza
Denver, CO

Lincoln Property Company and their owner Terracap engaged Swivel to market outdated second generation suites by virtualizing the spaces with fresh finish outs in AgileView. The team has since signed up additional owners across their portfolio.

Tour Space
Renovate Historic Buildings
501 Elm Street
Dallas, TX

Built in 1906, 501 Elm is a historic building owned by Crescent Real Estate. HPI Real Estate engaged Swivel to accurately model updates, complete with exposed ceilings and new paint, while still retaining the distinctive characteristics that make the building unique.

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