Return To The Office Safely

Streamline office safety and communications to get the most out of your office investment.


Set, communicate, and enforce safety policies

Define and implement office space safety policies to be shared with your employees. Start with the recommended government and other best practice guidelines and fine tune to meet the needs of local government guidelines, building policies, and team needs to help ensure a safe return to the office.
Space Management

Monitor office capacity and workspace access

Manage office social distancing policies and enforce which employees are checking in to the office each day of the week. An interactive 3D floor plan of the office space allows employees to reserve workspace ensuring 6’ distancing between employees.

Report and notify teams about health events or office closures

Screen employees for wellness, travel, and recent contact activity before they access the workspace. Receive alerts from at-risk employees. Notify team members of policy changes or if the office needs to close temporarily.
"Our team was ready to get back to the office, but we knew we needed to have a plan to do that safely and thoughtfully. With AgileOffice, I feel equipped to bring our employees back in confidently. I set and enforce policies and see clearly who and how the office
is being used each day."
Patricia Ericson
Chief Administration Officer, Floodgate