About Swivel

Swivel is building groundbreaking technology for businesses that refuse to define their workplace only through the lens of the one-size-fits-all 5- or 10-year lease. They’re embracing dynamic, on demand workspaces that align with their businesses and their teams.

Early in 2017, Swivel went to work with leading commercial real estate landlords and brokers, a renowned workspace architecture firm, a premier user experience design firm, and a leading furniture company and defined a new type of flexible, short-term workspace designed solely for teams.

We worked closely with employers, brokerage firms, and landlords to rethink everything from how people decide where to work each day, how to get to where they work, and what services they need to make them productive once they get there.

We are a seasoned team of technology industry veterans with years of experience in applying software to streamlining how businesses work. And we’re backed by world-class venture capital from Silicon Valley, and Austin with awesome track records backing game-changing companies such as Lyft and RetailMeNot. Our real estate investors have more than 30 year’s experience in shaping the landscape of cities and their cornerstone companies.

Follow us to keep up with the adventure. It should be lots of fun.

Meet the Swivel Team

Scott Harmon

Greg Kattawar

David Proft

Tabrez Syed

Wade Cohn

Billy Utt

Our Investors

Launching in Austin, TX in December 2017