Office Space Reimagined

Virtually tour any space, collaborate with tenants, and execute leases more efficiently.

The time for the digital office is now.

Swivel can help.

Improve Tenant Experience

Showcase any office space in an immersive virtual tour that allows tenants to experience the space in a variety of finish-out and pricing options. Swivel can also eliminate the hassle of furniture for your tenants, allowing you to offer any space as plug and play.

Shorten Time-to-Lease

Transparent pricing, real-time tenant feedback, and proposal management can shorten the leasing process from months to days.

Control Lease Transaction Costs

Pre-define the layout options for your space and eliminate negotiation hassle and cost overruns. Swivel can also replace costs spent on space plans and test fits and deliver broader leasing capabilities all from a single platform.

Modern leasing teams love Swivel.

Give your tenants a better leasing experience for any lease.

"As a startup we're probably going to be changing leases more than a normal company. Lease terms were important to make sure we had flexibility on when we could leave the space if we had to grow bigger or smaller."
Will Young
Tenant | Co-Founder and CEO, Sana Benefits

Offer your tenants the leasing flexibility they want.

Now more than ever tenants are opting to lease from landlords who are able to structure innovative and flexible leases tailored to their businesses. Features such as flexible no-penalty move-out options, flip-my-lease, and lease sharing are just a few examples of leasing innovations that attract the most NOIs. Swivel's digital leasing platform includes the the tools and legal templates that enable landlords to offer a powerful alternative to a one-sized-fits-all traditional long-term lease.

How can agile leasing impact your bottom line?
Use our Agile Lease Analysis Tool to model your property and see the impact on NOI and property values by promoting a portion of your available spaces as flexible.
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