Managed Workspaces for Growing Companies

Finally, office space that grows with you

Move-in to an awesome space that suits your team.

  • Semi-private workspace for teams of 5-40
  • Great for 3 to 18 months


Why do it yourself? Get your own Onsite SwivelSpace in a month or less.

  • Full-service management for teams of 40 or more
  • Great for 1 to 4 years

Your team is unique.

Swivel allows you to combine three different components to suit your unique workstyle.

Heads-down desks for each member of your team plus access to phone areas and common lounge areas.

Private team rooms for your group to dig in and solve problems, meet with partners or clients.

Semi-private brainstorm spaces – huddle areas for small groups to gather and, well, brainstorm.

Each Swivel workspace comes with awesome amenities.

Sit/Stand Desks

Local Coffee

Nitro Cold Brew

Free Snacks

OpenDesk App

Office space made flexible with Swivel’s WorkspaceOS technology

Office space is ready for the same on-demand model that has revolutionized other industries. Our vision of WorkspaceOS will transform the way companies think about and use real estate.

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