Growth hack your workspace.

Swivel is a new way for growing companies to find, buy, and operate cool, affordable workspaces that grow with them.
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Why Choose Swivel?

Private studios in hip places
We've curated a network of workspaces in your city’s most sought-after neighborhoods – especially for tech start-ups.
Flexibility to move as you grow
With shorter-terms and an option to share, Swivel helps you transition into new spaces as you grow. So, no more paying for space you don’t need.
Transparent, haggle-free pricing
See our pre-negotiated, start-up friendly rates up front – nixing the headache of wheelin’ and dealin’.
Simple, pain-free process
Enjoy a modern, streamlined online process that drastically pares down the paperwork, people and time traditionally required.
Move-in ready options
From furniture to décor, turnkey options spare you the hassle of sweating the small stuff it takes to get your workspace ready to rock!
A tech company brain trust
Swivel membership means more than getting a kick-ass, workspace. It means tapping the collective wisdom of other mover-and-shaker tech companies.

How it works...

Pick your preferences…we’ll provide pricing.
Swivel's curated network of cool, affordable studios are located in your tech scene’s most popular neighborhoods. You choose from among those that suit your location, vibe and size... we’ll ping you the price and schedule an in-person visit.
Take a tour and decide on your tweaks.
During your tour, we’ll talk about how to tweak the space to suit your needs and tastes. Then, we’ll show you a realistic visualization of your space - before you decide.
Let us sweat the small stuff.  
We take care of everything to transform the empty office space into a productive workspace where your team can hit the ground running.
Move as you grow… and enjoy peace of mind.
Choosing Swivel means enjoying simplicity, style, and flexibility. If you outgrow your Studio, no sweat. We’ll find you a new one and help backfill your old one.

Do you know what it really costs to outfit an office?

Paint, carpet, desks, chairs, and internet ... these are the obvious things people account for when planning. But like an iceberg, there are many costs hiding just beneath the surface that may surprise you!
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