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What Is Swivel?

Swivel is a radically new way to think about office space. We've analyzed hundreds of high-performing workspaces to understand all of the ingredients that make an empty space into a home for the next great company. We've captured what we discovered in a set of designs. We deliver them via software defined workspaces that streamline everything from finish-out to furniture layout, decor, technology and even food.

How it Works

Building a network of custom-tailored private workspaces for growing companies in innovative cities.
We work with innovative landlords and leasing teams to identify spaces that fit our designs, and then we apply our software to make them super-simple to lease and occupy.

Tenant Advisors and Companies use our software to evaluate spaces, and then personalize them to suit their exact needs and culture.

We setup and operate the space, and even reconfigure it as the business grows and evolves.

Tenant Advisors:
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Got a short list of spaces already? We can generate realistic 3-D renderings and
walkthroughs that bring a space to life for a client.