Tailored Workspace for
Modern Companies

The easiest way for fast-growing companies to
find and design their own plug-and-play
workspace on flexible terms.

Available in Austin.

New cities coming soon!

(1-year minimum)



(Be sure to leave room to grow)




What Is Swivel?

Thousands of fast-growing companies have outgrown coworking but aren’t ready for the commitment of a long-term lease and the hassle of building out an office space. We built Swivel for them. Swivel is an online service that allows companies to find, design and personalize their own plug-and-play workspace and pay for it on flexible terms.

Swivel works with landlords to identify Swivel-ready spaces so you can select the perfect space based on the size, location, and terms that fit your business.


Swivel’s 3D visualization tools help you plan your new workspace, complete with a personalized design and layout that fits your team.


Leave the rest up to Swivel and move into your own personalized, private workspace in as little as four weeks.

Flexible Workspace Defined

Flexible Terms
Get the space you want with the terms you need. SwivelSpaces offer flexible options and terms as short as one year, so you can avoid getting locked into a long-term lease.

Flexible Location
With a growing inventory of available spaces, Swivel gives you the flexibility of choosing from a variety of spaces to fit with every budget.

Flexible Design
Create your own unique combination of Swivel’s design and layout options to meet the needs of your team and reflect the style of your brand.

Tenant Advisors:
Get Free Test Fits & More!

Got a short list of spaces already? We can generate realistic 3-D renderings and
walkthroughs that bring a space to life for a client.

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