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Fast-growing companies love their Swivel Spaces

Pay less for agile HQ workspace
Swivel Spaces are creative and turnkey so that your space reflects your culture and is business-ready from day one.
Get short lease terms
Swivel Spaces offer 1-3 year leasing options
to meet the needs of a growing business. As your needs change, you can always level-up to a different space.
Move in less than 60 days
Swivel Spaces are pre-curated or sourced on demand. Our workspace visualization and provisioning technology allows you to get into your space in weeks, not months.
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Swivel's workspace network makes it possible

Our network connects growing companies directly to landlords and service providers to secure and provision their next HQ workspace.
Progressive, reputable landlords
We partner with landlords and their leasing teams and help them feature their available, pre-built spaces with short lease terms. By connecting member companies in our network directly to landlords and their agents, we minimize excessive markups charged by workspace operators and pass that savings to our members.
Promising, high-growth tenants
We attract companies seeking private HQ workspace for 10 to 100 employees ore more and help them to evaluate the space locations, lease terms and layouts that best suit their needs. Membership to the Swivel network not only offers them flexibility and ease to find and tailor their next HQ workspace, but also helps them to seamlessly grow into new Swivel Spaces as their business grows.
Comprehensive, business services
We offer services that not only make Swivel Spaces turnkey and business-ready but allow companies to tailor their space and reflect their culture and brand. Services offered through the Swivel network go beyond just desks and chairs to everything needed including artwork, plants, kitchen appliances, monitors, whiteboards, space dividers and can be tailored to meet member needs.

Do you know what it really costs to outfit an office?

Paint, carpet, desks, chairs, Internet...the list feels endless. But these obvious things you plan for when moving are just the tip of the iceberg. The additional costs hiding beneath the surface may surprise you (and sink your budget).
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