The smart way to lease office space

No upfront deposits. The ability to move when your needs change. Turnkey space just right for your team.

Growing companies love their Swivel membership:

“As a startup we’re probably going to be changing leases more than a normal company. Lease terms were important to make sure we had flexibility on when we could leave the space if we had to grow bigger or smaller. Swivel was helpful helping us figuring that out."
Will Young
Tenant | Co-Founder and CEO, Sana Benefits
  • Free up your cash
    Many of our members don’t want to absorb the costs of shorter terms up front. Swivel eliminates hefty security deposits and allows you to finance your furniture, giving you greater control over your cash flow.
  • Spare your team the hassle
    Swivel features a diverse set of office spaces that have pre-configured finish out options including furnishing. Choose the options that meet your needs, best reflect your culture, and ensure that your space is business-ready from day one.
  • Move when office needs change
    Flexibility means the ability to move when your office needs change. Swivel backs your lease so that you can move into another space within the network without any financial penalties.

The Swivel Network

Swivel Members

Members sign up on our website for office space that they can lease without upfront costs or
move-out penalties.

Landlords & Leasing Agents

Landlords and their leasing teams market their available workspaces as flexible and easy to lease to Swivel members.

Agile Office Leasing Platform

Swivel streamlines the entire office leasing experience for landlords, brokers, and tenants alike.

Tenant Broker Partners

Brokers work with Swivel to help their clients find a turnkey office space with agile lease terms and earn their traditional commissions.

Current Tenants

Current tenant members share or flip their space to other members as office space needs change.

Office leasing reimagined